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At Mezzo Technologies we’re continually discovering new markets and industries where microtubes deliver unrealized opportunity for customer performance.

From aircraft engines to directed energy, applications in space, eVtol, and more, we’re at the tip of possible innovation.

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Compact, lightweight, with proven performance in extreme environments.

Mezzo microtube technology has proven advantageous for aerospace applications, and we continue to uncover additional benefits in this space. Microtube solutions in this space include bleed air coolers, oil coolers, radiators, condensers, evaporators, liquid-liquid heat exchangers, intercoolers, and more.

Looking for more traditional thermal management options?

Visit ACE Thermal Systems:
Developer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art bleed air heaters and vapor-cycle air conditioners for turbine helicopters and fixed-wing applications.


world-leading Performance

Mezzo has manufactured a wide array of heat exchangers for the Space industry. Heat exchangers for propulsion systems involve an extreme range of temperature (from cryogenic to 3000 C). They also involve high pressure, highly reactive gases and liquids, etc.

Microtube heat exchangers offer the attributes (compactness, weight savings, materials options) to meet the needs of these propulsion-oriented products.

With respect to long term space habitation (i.e. space stations), Mezzo provides cryogenic heat exchangers that offer world-leading combinations of performance, mass, compactness and price. Typically, Mezzo’s heat exchangers are used in Inverse Brayton Cycle machines.

Directed Energy

Removal of considerable waste heat to meet aggressive thermal management targets.

Many Directed Energy applications require advanced thermal management solutions (compact, very high rates of heat removal, light weight). These solutions often involve challenging combinations of high temperature and/or pressure. Mezzo microtube products have been used in such systems to meet customer needs.


Compact, lightweight, and robust cooling systems consume minimal fan power

Military ground vehicles demand ever-increasing levels of cooling for their engines and accessories, which can only be met using complex cooling systems.

  • Our cutting-edge radiators, intercoolers, and oil coolers are among the most efficient and robust solutions.
  • Designed to increase cooling while consuming minimal fan power, our highly compact and lightweight solutions are a perfect fit for the rigorous demands of modern military vehicles.
  • Whether it’s cooling the engine, electric components, weapons systems, or more, Mezzo has you covered with a complete range of high-performance solutions.

Automotive Racing

Lighter weight, more compact, higher performance, faster lap times.

We manufacture microtube heat exchangers for some of the most demanding customers in automotive racing (Formula 1, LMP 1, Daytona Prototype, IndyCar). In 2010, we were awarded the Louis Schwitzer award for the most innovative new product in the Indy Racing League (now IndyCar).

Since then, our products (including Intercoolers, Oil Coolers, Radiators, and Polymer Tube Heat Exchangers) have made their way across multiple high-performance automotive sports platforms.

In fact, our radiators are the only approved radiators in the IndyCar racing league, dropping coolant temperatures 4-6 °C compared to other solutions.

Modular Nuclear

reliable, Portable, Compact solution

Modular Nuclear concepts typically apply to portable nuclear power supplies in the range of 1 MW. Depending upon the design, various working fluids are utilized. In most cases, a heat exchanger is required to transfer energy from the primary loop (the loop that extracts energy from the core) to the secondary loop (the loop that produces electric output). Additional heat exchangers may be involved with a secondary loop.

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