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Custom Microtube
Heat Exchangers

Mezzo Technologies is built from passionate engineering and the desire to learn more, innovate more, and deliver more to our customers. As our microtube technology advances, our passion and principles from our grass roots beginnings remain. After years of exploring the viability of different approaches to manufacture micro channel heat exchangers, Mezzo Technologies designed and built its first microtube product in 2008: Mezzo has spent the last 15 years building a powerhouse with respect to microtube heat exchanger capabilities.

Mezzo’s engineering design concepts and in-house proprietary manufacturing technology result in microtube products second to none.

Next Level Performance.


Baton Rouge, LA
In-house Design, Testing, & Manufacturing
Integrated Design & Analysis
Robust R&D


Charles Becnel

Director of Operations

Tony Giglio

President & Director of Engineering

David Popelka

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Dave Craig

Director of R&D

Alex Robinson

Manufacturing Manager

Dr. Kevin Kelly

Co-Founder, Business Development Technical Leader

Kris Clark

Assembly Manager

Mark Turner

Director of Finance

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A Signia Aerospace Company

Mezzo Technologies is proud to be part of Signia Aerospace, a trusted partner in the innovation, manufacture, and delivery of highly specialized aircraft systems and components. Our depth of expertise and unique pool of resources allows us to act as an integrated, nimble partner in the design, manufacture, delivery, and service of highly specialized aircraft systems and components.

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